Setting Up your AVR Microcontroller

AVR ATmega8 and its Datasheet

Hello guyz....this post will give you a brief overview of how to setup your AVR and necessary tools. You may start from mini-projects and take yourself to mega-projects like designing of automated and control systems etc etc..... Well ATmega8L is an AVR product an 8-bit microcontroller with built-in 8 bit ADC apart from timers and interrupts. The detail datasheet can be downloaded from the links given below:
Download Link 1
Download Link 2
Once the datasheet is read, you may proceed further.

Making Your Own Parallal Port Cable

We need to have some sort of connector which will burn our AVR. Since AVR Atmega8L is in-system-programmable (that can be programmed while remaining in the system), we can easily program our microcontroller. For that purpose take DB-25 connector and make connections as shown below. The pins of DB-25 i-e 1-5,8,11,12 shall remain unconnected.SCK, MOSI, RESET, MISO ,GND are some pins of ATmega8L to program the chip. The explanation of these pins may be found in the datasheet.

You may use a MRC 5 pin connector in between DB-25 and microcontroller so that your cable becomes handy. It is also sometimes referred as cream-shell connector. Remember to take both the male and female part when you purchase from your local market. The overall cable looks like:-

Download AVR Studio

Software Required:
The following softwares are required to handle AVR microcontrollers. The download links is given below for the readers.

Congratulations, now your microcontroller is ready to use.....

Your Very First Program

To strengthen your knowledge just try out the following C code which makes the LED blink...........
#include //header file to include input output port
#include //header file to include delay function
#define LED PD4
int main(void)
DDRD = (1 << LED); /* DDR=Data Direction register... its to define PD4 OUTPUT pin rest bits of DDRD can be 0 or 1 does not make any significance */ while (1) { PORTD = (1 << LED); // switch on _delay_ms(200); PORTD = (0 << LED); // switch off _delay_ms(200); } return 0; }

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Angry Dad Hammers Down Her Daughter's Cell Phone

All those gadgets are not cool. Perhaps the excessive use of anything left adverse effects. Similar nature of incident took place in Colorida. Mr. Gregg hammered down his daughter's cell phone after receiving $4,765.25 bill. Dina had written about 10,000 text messages over a period of one month, that means 300 messages daily. This resulted a pretty adverse effect on her grades as well (from A's and B's to F's). Seeing the whole situation the dad was outraged and he ultimately let his anger out, just by hammering down her cellphone as depicted in the picture.

And the main reason why the bill has gotten so unbearable is the fact that her family's plan did not include texting, which led the parents to believe that writing SMS messages was inactivated. However, the truth proved to be pretty different and bitter.

Luckily for the parents, mobile service provider, Verizon, accepted to reduce the bill to a more reasonable level, probably due to the fact that it was partially their fault (for not properly informing the parents regarding the contractual terms). However, this whole story should be a lesson to any parent, who should be very careful when entrusting a child with their own phone.

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First Official Description of GOOGLE GDRIVE

For the past few years, Google GDrive has been a noise everywhere. There were many stories about this subject and that was an indication that there was something true behind the scene.

The relevant confirmation is the few lines of description which can be considered the official description of GOOGLE GDRIVE. It reads as: file backup and storage… GDrive provides reliable storage for all of your files, including photos, music and documents… GDrive allows you to access your files from anywhere, anytime, and from any device - be it from your desktop, web browser or cellular phone.

However this is not the first descripton/reference to the GOOGLE GDRIVE, since, in the latest distribution of Picassa for Mac, in the destination options , there was a reference to a so-called ,“Google Web Drive”. It's quite evident that the GDrive might be a revolution in the idea of memory storage and most probably in the near future many of us wont be relying on our USBs and portable storage as much as on the GOOGLE GDRIVE.

Actually, the GOOGLE GDRIVE was not as such the part of COOL ELECTRONIC GADGETS but the topic itself was so attractive that force me to publish in the seperate post. I ll try to fetch some more material about GOOGLE WEB DRIVE in a week ot two. Till then enojoy yourselves.

Webmasters may contact for link exchanging or any other suggestions at

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Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate out now

Microsoft, as we all know ,is self-possessed with the largest percentage of users, but having its share being nipped away slowly but surely with time is a worrying sign, and the executives at the Redmond, Washington facility have surely taken notice of that.So guys,Microsoft has the announcement that Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate is available now for our testing.

According to Microsoft,
We’ve worked closely with people in the security community to enable consumer-ready clickjacking protection. Sites can now protect themselves and their users from clickjacking attacks “out of the box,” without impacting compatibility or requiring browser add-ons. We also made some changes to InPrivate based on feedback from customers and partners......

Basically, IE8’s main focus is on how folks really use the web, and it aims to cater for those needs. Basically, IE8 RC is more or less the finished product, and initial reviews of it show that it has done some much needed catching up compared to IE7, but it is still not on par with the latest version of Firefox. What do you think??

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