Angry Dad Hammers Down Her Daughter's Cell Phone

All those gadgets are not cool. Perhaps the excessive use of anything left adverse effects. Similar nature of incident took place in Colorida. Mr. Gregg hammered down his daughter's cell phone after receiving $4,765.25 bill. Dina had written about 10,000 text messages over a period of one month, that means 300 messages daily. This resulted a pretty adverse effect on her grades as well (from A's and B's to F's). Seeing the whole situation the dad was outraged and he ultimately let his anger out, just by hammering down her cellphone as depicted in the picture.

And the main reason why the bill has gotten so unbearable is the fact that her family's plan did not include texting, which led the parents to believe that writing SMS messages was inactivated. However, the truth proved to be pretty different and bitter.

Luckily for the parents, mobile service provider, Verizon, accepted to reduce the bill to a more reasonable level, probably due to the fact that it was partially their fault (for not properly informing the parents regarding the contractual terms). However, this whole story should be a lesson to any parent, who should be very careful when entrusting a child with their own phone.

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