Hidden Camera Detector - Laser technology

Price :  USD 393.00

As I mentioned earlier, you must be concerned about someone spying on you with hidden camera. Despite of the fact that hidden camera found in this era are designed with such technology, you can never think of, still the powerfull hidden camera detectors exist. The same is discussed in this post.

This hidden camera detector is capable of detecting / tracing almost all kind of hidden camera, deployed against you. This amazing hiden spy camera detector can serve your purpose upto 50 feets, which I think is quite reasonable. The principle on which this hiden spy camera detector works is alternating pulsating laser frequency using which hidden cameras can be detected as flashing red light once viewed through optical glass view port. Moreover apart from standalone hidden camera, this detector can be well deployed against the camera hidden inside the smoke detectors, readios and clocks etc.

I would say , this must be a "must have" tool for government and sensitive organizations. You can also get one for you just for USD 393. Its upto you whether you are going to comprimise your privacy for 393 US Dollars. Click Here to Add To the Cart.

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