Parallal Port DB-25 for PC interfacing

The typical parallel port socket on the computer uses 25 pins. On most peripherals like printers, the 36 pins Centronics version is used. Both connector pinouts are shown below.

                  Parallel DB25 pinout              Centronics pinout

Parallel cable for communication:

The following parallel cable can be used with file transfer. The cable uses the parallel port which makes it possible to achieve higher throughput than with a serial connection at the same low costs. The cable is amongst others compatible with the following software.

Because the parallel port on a computer was mainly designed to connect printers with one-way communication, a trick is used to achieve full two way data transfer between both sides. Five error and status message inputs are redefined as data inputs. Instead of reading full bytes, the communication software reads these five bits and combines multiple groups of data back to bytes. The sender and receiver have to use the same protocol to convert bytes to groups of 5 bits and viceversa.

DB - 25 Pin Description

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