Timers and Counters in AT89S52

Diagram below shows a simplified diagram of the main peripherals present in the 89S52 or 8052 / 8051. There are 3 Timers/Counters in the 89S52. The expression "Timer/Counter" is used because this unit can act as a Counter or as a Timer as per requirement. Timer/Counter 2 is a special counter that does not behave like the two others, because of some extra functionality.

The serial port, using a UART (Universal Asynchronous Receive Transmit) protocol can be used in a wide range of communication applications. With the UART provided in the 89S52 it is easy to communicate with a serial port equipped computer, as well as communicate with another microcontroller.

If all the peripherals described above can generate interrupt signals in the CPU according to some specific events, it can be useful to generate an interrupt signal from an external device that may be a sensor or a Digital to Analog converter. For that purpose there are 2 External Interrupt sources (INT0 and INT1).

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