Download Datasheet of TGS series smoke / gas detectors

Here is the list of some of the smoke/gas detectors extracted from series of TGS smoke detectors widely used. The datasheet of same can also downloaded from the links given below. To see how the sensors can be practically implemented in the circuit see "8051/AT89S52 based SMOKE DETECTOR and FIRE ALARM SYSTEM".

TGS109/813/815/842 is used for LPG gas detection     
Download Catalog file
TGS203 is used for detection of Carbon-monoxide 
Download Catalog File
TGS822 is used for detection of Alcohol 
Download Catalog File
TGS825 is used for detection of Hydrogen Sulphide 
Download Catalog File
TGS826 is used for detection of Ammonia 
Download Catalog File

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