AVR based Multiple Input Digital Data Acquisition System using SDHC Card

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S/LT KAMRAN   (NUST)                      
Mr. KASHIF ALI (NUST) - Trainee Engineer at P&G
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‘DATA   ACQUISITION SYSTEM’ is a system in which we have considered a scenario of a ship’s bridge in which different consoles are getting different data which is then manipulated and used accordingly. Our plan was to develop such a prototype system which would be getting data from different sensors simultaneously. The data is then stored in SDHC card which is being used first time in PNEC.

            GUI has also been made which would be showing different graphs of different data of different time. We have made GUI in C sharp which is also not very common here. We got so many hindrances in its making but with continuous efforts and some guideline from Mr Sajid from IIEE university helped us a lot to accomplish this task.

This system will be helpful for the OOW to monitor and control the data and then after analyzing situation, he may take the necessary steps properly


Our aim of the project is to design such a digital system which would be having multiple inputs and the data coming from these inputs is stored in the SDHC card (of huge memory). Once the data is stored in this memory card then it can be retrieved as well in form of graph. For this specific purpose we have made a GUI (graphical user interface) which made the data display in a required manner.

Once the ship is in the sea, it needs to keep the record of different data coming from different sensors. For this purpose ship’s log is to be maintained, which is keeping the data of different time. These all are in physical form and also done manually, which is quite time taking. In any case of emergency it can be burnt or misplaced as well and can cause a lot of trouble at the time of requirement.

Normally, data acquisition and then keeping it for further use is also very much necessary almost in every part of field. Industries which are of critical nature or performing continuous processes at fields may require data storing as well.

So, keeping this scenario in mind we tried to advance this system with the help of some reliable sources. Here our idea is to design such a prototype system in which different sensors are installed and the digital data is being stored in SDHC card, then using serial communication it is connected with computer. GUI has also been made through which data of any installed sensor can be extracted and seen. This system is keeping the record of different sensors at the same time and can be used at any time in future for further use.

Download the Project Report  :

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