8051 LCD interfacing Command Codes

Before you interface an LCD with any microcontroller , say 8051 or AVR, you should have a knowledge of basic LCD commands. These commands or codes are used to get the LCD perform some particular task, for example, clearing the LCD display screen ornshifting entire data to the right etc. I have gathered here some the commands that might prove for you an important data, because once I was doing 8051 LCD interfacing it really helped me a lot. Here are some of it :-
  1. 01H : Clear Display Screen
  2. 02H : Return Home
  3. 04H: Decrement Cursor
  4. 06H : Increment Cursor
  5. 05H : Shift Dis[;ay Right
  6. 07H : Shift Display Left
  7. 08H : Display off, Cursor off
  8. AH : Display off, Cursor on
  9. CH : Display on, Cursor off
  10. EH : Display on, Cursor Blinking
  11. FH : Display on, Cursor Blinkinf
  12. 10H: Shift Cursor position to left
  13. 14H: Shift Cursor position to right
  14. 18H: Shift the entire display to left
  15. 1CH: Shift the entire display to right
  16. 80H: Force cursor to begin from the Ist line
  17. C0H:Force cursor to begin from the 2nd line
  18. 38H: 2 lines and 5 x 7 matrix
More to folow for 8051 LCD interfacing

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