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Cruise Speaker Phone by Jabra

Price: 100$

The modern processing is all based on DSP (Digital Signal Processing), e-g Modern Communication, Image Processing, Digital Filtering are the main subjects of Digital Signal Processing. Noise Blackout technology has also made use of DSP. The idea behind is to help the car drivers especially, because most often the fine imposed by traffic police is due the use of cellular phones while driving. And consequently headphones and blue tooth devices are on their peak in this era. Jabra has just released Cruiser Speaker Phone, featured by Noise Blackout Technology.

The idea is unique in its approach in a way that it caters for the reduction of enviornment noise keeping the user voice clearer. Probably the log amplifier or a filter might have helped them. Noise blackout is the technology that identifies the direction of various sounds – including traffic and backseat chatter – and reduces only surrounding noise without distorting a user’s voice. It uses dual microphones that captures the sound and then intelligently filtering the noise. This technology ensures both sides of caller to heard in natural sound.

The Cruiser speakerphone from Jabra also sports Multiuse connectivity, allowing two Bluetooth-enabled devices (including mobile phones, smartphones, and MP3 players) to be paired simultaneously via a turnkey auto-pairing function for instant usability. MP3 tracks can even be remotely controlled from the speakerphone's built-in play, pause and rewind buttons. In addition, a built-in FM transmitter allows calls and MP3s stored on a mobile device and played via the Cruiser to be heard through a car’s stereo system.

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