Speech Guard 5 - Speech to Speech translator

Price:US$ 950

Unfortunately the incident which took place in haiti resulted in the vast destruction. Though different countries from different regions are making sure to help them out in the miserable atmosphere. The difficulty faced by the aid providers is the language issue since the Haitians do not understand English and even those who do are found very rare. To solve this problem -a big issue, ECTAO has released English-Haitian speech to speech translator, Speech Guard 5, for assisting medical personnel in communicating with the victims. These hand held translators will no doubt prove to be the perfect solution for interaction between the English Speaking MDs and the victims.

The CEO (Chief executive officer) of ECTACO, David Lubinitsky mentions, "In support of disaster recovery and emergency medical efforts in Haiti, we have readily made available thousands of dedicated units to be shipped expeditiously,"

A maximum of 20 languages are supported by MD-5, you just need to say what you need to translate and translation would be done through the speakers. This way, rescuing volunteers, medical personnel or other English speakers currently aiding the Haitians can easily communicate with the locals.

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