First Solar Powered Nation

Vatican to become the first solar-powered nation in the world

I have deviated a little from the subject "spy gadgets" in this post. Its just to relax you guys a little because I came to know from my readers that the blog has started boring them. Lets check this post out ?

News regarding the hot technology is most of the time shocking and especially when one hears from homeofgadgets.blogspot.com . Let me share the fact with you guys that Vatican has shocked the world by announcing its intent of building the largest solar plant in Europe, for $660 million. Its interesting to mention here that Vatican is the world's smallest state.This installation will give more than enough energy to make Vatican the first solar-powered nation in the world.

This plant will contain an 100 megawatt photovoltaic installation and will be built on 740 acres of terrain near the medieval village of Santa Maria di Galeria. The station will support about 40,000 households, which is more than needed for the local habitants. The remaining energy will be given to Italy, thereby fighting against the global warming.

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