Convert Matlab files into exe files

Converting .m files into stand alone applications
I don't take responsibility of this post. However I was able to transformed my Matlab GUI files into standalone executable files. Whats the benefit of doing all this ? You can still run your M-Files and applications without having Matlab installed in your system. That's what it does.

Let's convert the calculator , which I showed you yesterday, into standalone executable files. Open Matlab command window. Type "mcc -m calculator.m". Calculator.m is the M - File for calculator and mcc -m is the Matlab command. You can explore more by typing "help mcc"

Typing mcc -m calculaor.m  will generate executable file in the same folder. The files genereated are :-
  •  exe file
  • asv file(s)
  • prg file(s)
  • c files(s)
  • log files
  • txt files
Now close Matlab and open calaculator.exe or any other exe file that you have generated. It would take sometime to open but will run with no difference. Its better you make a zip of above files. MRC installer must be installed in your system before you run it.Thanks!

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