PI Spy Cam Stick

Have you ever seen world's smallest spy camera ? You might have, but I bet not the one I will show you today. Its a spy camera -a pinhole cam, which is smaller and lighter than a disposable cigarette lighter, still loaded and packed with superb features. The above camera is known as PI Spy Cam stick. It supports 30 hrs of recording with on board 4GB memory stick and 60 hrs if you have 8GB capacity. PI Spy has the resolution of 640 x 480 and frame rate of 15 fps via its internal pinhole camera. You can also use as your USB stick because the cam stick supports USB directly from PC. I must tell you that you guys must be known to the international rules and regulation about using the spy cameras or any other related gadgets, otherwise they might hurt you too.

PI Spy Cam stick Applications:
Some of the important applications out of many can be found below:-
Home Surveillance
  • Surveillance Missions
  • Business Surveillance
  • Vehicle Security
  • RecordingClassroom Lectures etc etc (so many others ; think of it)
With 8GB memory stick, the gadget will cost you around $188.95 only and with 4GB instead you may deduct or $79 or so.

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