Lipstick size hidden camera detector

 Price: USD 39.99 from Spy Chest Inc.
wireless hidden camera detector
Might be you are unaware of the fact that somebody is spying on you with hidden cameras. The wireless technology has make controlling of the wireless camera more easy, thereby making spying - a fun. As I already mentioned in previous posts there had been spy'onish' cases in America and Europe, mainly due to hiddenly located spy cameras in sensitive locations.

The hidden camera detector discussed in this post is not more than a size of lipstick making it portable and efficient. Its named as SH-005. Probably its the smallest of the hidden camera detector, I have ever heard of. One thing that make this more unique is that this hidden camera detector can detect micro-wave signal at about 70 cm. Also SH-005 is insensitive with cell phones reducing the false alarm greatly. Following are the summarized features of this spy equipment :-

  • Wireless camera: 1.2 GHz - about 3 meter
  • Wireless camera: 2.4 GHz - about 70 cm
  • Cellular Phone: about 1 meter
  • Size :    L 79  X  W 28  X  T 15
  • Weight:     About 26 g (included battery)
  • Power:     6V DC (CR2032 lithium battery X2)
  • Detecting Frequency:     50 MHz  -  3.0 GHz
  • Warning Mode:     Sound and LED Display
The above data has been taken from Spy Chest. Please refer here for more details about the pricing and availability.

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