Optical Mouse Working

Today, on 7th of Aug 2010, I will tell you how actually the optical mouse works. The technology is not old enough to be discussed here. In the year 1999 optical mouse technology replaced its mechanical version, that came in early 70's. 
There is a kind of a camera that captures tens of hundreds of images in a second to determine the position. There is a LED (Light Emitting diode) that sends a signal to receiver after being reflected from the mouse pad or any other surface. The signals being reflected is then put into DSP (Digital Signal Processing) module, which after being analyzed send the co-ordinates to the computer to which it is connected to. This is all about the optical mouse working.
Lets glance over few of the advantages of the subject gadget. It has got many advantages over the old ball mouse. First of all there are no moving parts and hence smoother the operation. Secondly there are very rare chances for the LED to get dirty as in the case of ball mouse. Thirdly it is immaterial that which surface you are using in optical mouse. Last but not the least, optical mouse are quite inexpensive and hence easy to maintain and operate.

More to follow!

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