Basic Block Diagram of Data Acquisition System (DAS)

Data Acquisition System is an important subject having its vast applications specially in industries. Often Data Acquisition System is abbreviated as DAS or DAQ. The process that most of the Data Acquisition System follows is to sample the data that represents real time conditions and to convert it in digital form that computers and processors can manipulate it.

The basic Block Diagram of DAS (Data Acquisition System) can be seen below :

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The data from sensors is fed into ADC for mapping it to digital form. Typical ADC consists of a Sampler, a Quantizer and an encoder. The selection criterion of ADC is an other subject that needs another dedicated post. The data taken from ADC is then fed into microprocessor or microcontroller for the operations like memory or internet provision for remote accessing.

Few of the reasons for the emergence of DAS to digitally acquire data and for Analog Obsoleteness are as under:
  • No processing can be done
  • More memory needed
  • Less readable due to Infinite Readings

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