MATLAB based Project Ideas

Taken from http://www.home.agilent.com
MATLAB is high level technical computing language that is serving as primary tool in major projects especially those concerning with Image Processing, Medical Imaging and Digital Signal Processing. Simulink is also one of the product of MATLAB. Developing algorithms, Analyzing and visualization of have become far easier and faster. Mathworks claims that MATLAB is even faster than traditional programming languages like C,C++ and JAVA. 

Here is list of project ideas based on MATLAB for graduate and post-graduate students:

  1. Impulse Noise Filter
  2. Palm-print identification system
  3. Finger-print identification system (enhancement using filtering)
  4. Modelling of 3-phase power system (Filtering method)
  5. Implementation of Motion detection algorithm
  6. Digital Filter (Bilateral) for image diffusion
  7. Code Shift Keying Impulse Modulation
  8. Speaker Recognition in Noisy Environment
  9. Principal Component Analysis for face recognition
  10. Designing Antenna using CDMA
  11. Voice Recognition
  12. Coding of Stereoscopic Images
  13. Touch less Finger Print recognition system
  14. Ultrasound Speckle Image Processing
  15. Development of Sesmographic system
  16. Analysis of Volumetric Chest CT Scans
  17. Bit Error Rate Analysis of OSTBC Transmission
  18. Text independent speaker verification
  19. Iris recognition algorithm
  20. Online Signature verification algorithm
More to follow!

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